About Us

We are a non-profit organization in Edmonton, AB whose mission is to nurture a wider view of literacy for Alberta youth by providing educational programs and by increasing access to comics and graphic novels for both schools and communities.

We currently have two programs running to help us fulfill our vision:
Drawn to Write
Comic book creator camps for youth ages 9+ .
Drawn to Comics Book Fairs
Comic book fairs for school libraries where 20% of the profits go back into school libraries.

In the summer of 2015, the first Drawn to Write youth comic book creator camps ran out of Happy Harbor Comics in Edmonton, AB. With the guidance and support of Youth Write, this awesome comic book store and its team started running multi-day camps several times a year, to great reviews and many repeat campers.

During this time, the team at HH also created an award-winning comic book fair program! Owner Jay Bardyla and local comic book creators traveled to schools across Alberta, introducing students of all ages to their favourite super heroes while also providing support to school libraries.

Happy Harbor Comics closed its doors (and reopened as Wonderland under new ownership) in 2019, but the team that created these programs couldn’t bear to let them disappear and so they started Drawn to Books to keep the comic book dream alive

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