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Comic books don’t grow on trees…well, I guess you could argue that they do, but that paper isn’t free! As a non-profit dedicated to supporting school libraries, as well as youth in the graphic arts, we do need help from donor superheroes to continue to do our work. But we’ve made donating fun with our two comic book themed fundraisers!

Can’t make it to our fundraisers?
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Family Fun with Comics
February 29 1:30pm-3:30pm
The Gamers’ Lodge (10459-124 St)
Tickets $5.00

An amazing afternoon of comic book related activities, great food, and a specialty non-alcoholic drink, the proceeds of which will go to Drawn to Books!

  • Comic jams – a fun, crazy way to quickly create comics!
  • Silent Auction!
  • Super Hero Selfie Station!
  • Comic book character face-off battles! You’ll create the characters and people will judge who would win in a fight! Feeling a little iffy about your art skills? Don’t worry, professional artists will be there to help you out (for a donation, of course)
  • Custom comic artwork created for you by local professional artists in exchange for donations to Drawn to Books!
Prices for Custom Comic Art
$15 – 4×6 black and white drawing
$30 – 4×6 colour drawing
$25 – 8½ x 11 black and white drawing
$50 – 8½ x 11 colour drawing

Comic Book Quiz Night:
February 20 7:00pm-9:00pm
Quiz Begins at 7:30pm
The Gamers’ Lodge (10459-124 St)
Tickets $5.00

Join us for a night of comic book nerdery! Quiz Master Jay Bardyla will be hosting a comic book quiz where teams can compete for the title of Drawn to Books Ultimate Comic Book Master and super cool prizes! And if the questions get too tricky, don’t worry, you can get hints (for a $5.00 donation, of course). You don’t need to come in a pre-made team, we’ll assemble teams for everyone who comes! There will be a silent auction with plenty of great goodies to bid on, awesome food available for purchase, as well as a TBA specialty drink (available in both alcoholic and non) created for us by The Gamers’ Lodge (proceeds of which will go to Drawn to Books)

Be Our Hero Tickets – payment information will be emailed to you once you have submitted the form!

Be Our Hero Tickets!
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