D2B Comic Creator Classes

Working with youth ages 8+ and want to introduce a little comic book creation into their lives? Why not book one of our 50min live, online classes! Your class or group will get live instruction through an online meeting platform from one of our fabulous instructors! Students can get direct feedback and have their comic book creator questions answered in real time!

These workshops are meant for groups and designed to fit with school and library programming, and we welcome homeschoolers and other organizations. You can also book them as private lessons if you’d prefer. We do prioritize Alberta clients when booking, but welcome bookings from across Canada. Each student can use their own device to participate, or the class can be projected for all to see if you have the ability to do so.

We currently have 5 topics to choose from, each of which is 50mins long and can be modified to suit students from Grade 3 to Grade 12.

Want to see what our live, online classes are like?
Consider registering for our Spring Sampler 2021 classes and camps!

Class Descriptions

Comic Book Basics I: Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words
How do you tell a story, visually? This is the question we will explore with students to better understand how sequential art works; its strengths and the unique storytelling opportunities it offers. A perfect introduction course for literature classes learning about comics and for art classes exploring visual narratives.

Character Design
How do we create interesting and iconic characters? We will explore with students the basics of character design and how this can help us in our art and visual design. Using shapes, silhouettes, and key features we will help students open up their creative side and be confident in drawing new and interesting characters.

Crafting a Story
What makes a story? This class teaches students a simple but highly effective formula for creating compelling stories. Students will break down the formula together as a class to see how this formula is used in our favorite stories to hook the reader.

Setting the Scene
Our stories exist in worlds real and make believe. It’s up to us as writers and artists to make them feel lived in. In this class students will learn all about creating believable worlds, scenes and backgrounds for our stories. With exercises that will help both writers and artists alik

Comic Book Basics II
Comic artists are master storytellers. This class will introduce students to the tools and skills utilized by comic artists to tell their stories. With a focus on basic layouts and directing the flow of a page, students will learn all about leading the eye with their art and how this creates clear and pleasing stories. Great for both art and literature classes.

Booking D2B Comic Creator Classes

Cost: $100/ 50min class.
Dates Available: Weekdays and Saturdays
Times Available: 9:00am-3:00pm
Booking Process: Fill out the booking form below and we’ll send you available dates and times to choose from in the months you have selected below. FYI, you will be able to select more than one date, time, and class topic if you’d like to book several classes throughout the fall. We’ll work with you to accommodate any special requests.
Note: We are most comfortable with Google Meet or Zoom as online class platforms, but can work with a variety of platforms if you have a preference.

Live Online Class Booking
Month(s) In Which You Would Like to Book Class(es). You may select more than one. *

D2B Class at Spruce Grove Public Library
Day: Saturday, April 10th
Time: 2:00pm
Class: Crafting a Story
Cost: FREE, but registration is required.
Click HERE for more info and to register!

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