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As many of you may know, the Drawn to Books Comic Book Fair program in schools was a continuation from the program started at Happy Harbor Comics in 2016. Drawn to Books also continued Happy Harbor’s Drawn to Write youth comic book creation camps. Happy Harbor was sold in 2019 and Drawn to Books was formed to help both of these programs flourish.

With a lot of drive, determination, and personal financial investments, D2B was able to have the Comic Book Fair ready for fall 2019 and several schools hosted the event. We also managed to get to many Library and Teacher conferences to help spread the good word about comics.

Things were going well however it was a challenge to secure proper funding to cover start-up and operational costs, and then the pandemic hit. With all the investment capital spent and the grant/donation pools drying up, D2B hit a wall with the Comic Book Fair program.

So, it is with heavy hearts that we will not be able to continue the program in the Fall of 2020, nor for the foreseeable future. Our ambition to keep the program running without being fully prepared to handle all the challenges that may come our way was our downfall, and we do regret that decision. More time and research would have helped to build a better foundation, and we will know better for the future.

To those schools who had to close and lost their book fairs in the spring of 2020 due to Covid-19, we are sad that we couldn’t come to visit you. And to those schools on the waiting list for the Fall/Winter term, we do apologize that we won’t be able to visit. We hope this setback won’t deter you from putting comics into your libraries to stoke the imagination and creative passions of your younger readers and storytellers.

All is not lost! Drawn To Books is currently working on our online Drawn to Write comic book creation classes for schools so that you can bring this instruction to your classrooms. We will be keeping you informed about how to bring Drawn to Write to your library and Art and Language classrooms.

Stay safe and 6 feet apart!

Your friends at Drawn To Books (D2B)

What a D2C Book Fair Brings to Your School Library:

Jay Bardyla, former owner of Happy Harbor Comics, is continuing his journey bringing comics and artists to schools and libraries with Drawn to Comics!

  • COMICS! Comic books, collections, graphic novels, manga and more! Tons of new and exciting books for young people.
  • SELECTION! A minimum of 100 different titles to choose from and the selection will be updated frequently!
  • JAY! He will be on hand to talk about the products we’re selling and he handles all the set up, tear down, and tracking of sales.
  • ARTISTS! Two comics artists who will talk one-on-one with the budding creators in your school/library AND do critiques/reviews for them
  • SUPPORT! Your library will earn 20% of the sales from the fair in product. We’ll provide you with the promotional materials to help you promote the fair and bulk up your library!

There is no cost to bringing a D2C Book Fair into your school (unless you plan on feeding Jay).

If you have any questions, please email Jay Bardyla at d2c@drawntobooks.ca

If you are an artist interested in volunteering, please click here.


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