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So, you are an Edmonton-area comic book artist wanting to come to a book fair, eh?

What would you do at a book fair? It’s pretty simple. At your own table (where you can showcase and even sell your comics, prints and more), you’ll meet one-on-one with comics fans and their art! If we’re doing an elementary school, make sure you have lower cost items for the kids (small prints or cards, cheap comics, etc) and be ready to do some quick sketches (if you want). When we go to the higher grades and public libraries, break out your best stuff and be ready to meet some talented people. You won’t be paid to attend the book fair, but many artists who bring merchandise find sales of their own product can be quite lucrative, so make sure you bring your own float for cash sales and a square, if you have one, for sales made with plastic.

This is a great opportunity to give back to the community, help motivate and inspire the creation of more art, and build up your own fan base.

We try our best to bring 2 different artists on each visit to reach as many different folks as possible, but we never turn anyone away. Transportation is provided (when desired) and sometimes lunches are included! WOOT!

Join our mailing list of comic book artists and/or let us know if you are available for any of our upcoming D2C Book Fairs!
All of our book fair dates currently have artists scheduled for them, but we welcome you to join the mailing list.

D2C Artist Mailing List
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