Drawn to Write

Youth Comic Book Creation Camps in Edmonton!

Melding words and pictures, comics have a unique power to harness the imagination’s storytelling potential.  The former Happy Harbor Comics’ Drawn to Write camps live on and lead campers into the fantastic world of comics creation.

Drawn to Books at Edmonton Public Libraries!
Look for our 1-hour Character Design Workshops for ages 8-12 in your
2020 EPL Summer Guide. Our full EPL schedule will be up on our site soon!

Drawn to Books at Metro Continuing Education Summer Camps!
Spend your mornings in July learning how to create comics! Registration starts February 24th, 2020. Click here to register!

Drawn to Write 3-Day Comic Book Creator Camps Summer 2020
Location TBA
Registration starts February 26th, 2020

In the Beginning (Ages 9+)
August 5-7, 2020

To Be Continued (Ages 13+)
August 12-14, 2020

Camp Curriculum
Our curricula have been prepared with care by instructors with years of experience in education, fine arts, and comic book creation. Campers should be prepared to draw all day, and as well as enjoy entertaining comic-related activities that will enhance their understanding and appreciation of the comics medium and the creative community behind it.

August 5-7, 2020 In the Beginning

August 12-14, 2020 To Be Continued

Drawn to Write 3-Day Camp Information
Participants are expected to bring their own lunches to each day of the camp. A group snack will be provided each day for all participants, and is included in the camp fee. There will be a vegetarian option. Please notify us of any food allergies or sensitivities.

Each participant will receive a basic comic art kit as part of their camp experience, which is included in the camp fee. The kit will include the following supplies, provided by Delta Art and Drafting Supply:

  • Sketchbook
  • White Vinyl Eraser
  • Mechanical Pencil
  • Fine-Line Marker, Black
  • Ultra-FIne Tip Marker, Black
  • Tote Bag

Comic Book Issue and Launch Party!
Every year, we publish a comic book anthology of the work created by our students. After the anthology is printed, all the camp participants and their guests will be invited to the Wonderharbor for a Comic Book Launch Party! Just like the pros, each of the contributing campers will engage with the public, signing copies of their book and proudly sharing their work! The date and time of the Launch Party will be announced following the printing of the anthology and each camper will receive a personal invitation.

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