School & Library Orders

Clicking the link below will take you to our webstore page of recommendations (a work in progress).
On that screen, if you hover your mouse over the HOME icon in the upper left, you’ll get a dropdown menu with BROWSE as an option. This will take you to a list of all the items we currently have in stock (mainly for our book fairs but they are available to purchase anytime).


On those pages you can also search for any title you want by using the SEARCH bar at the top of the screen. We can order any of the thousands of titles available through any of our distributors.
D2B offers a 20% discount to all Libraries and free delivery with in the city of Edmonton. We have very competitive shipping rates to assist everyone.

We also offer a one-on-one recommendation service, which looks at your library’s current inventory and circulation numbers to help you pick the best comics for your shelves. This is a free, no commitment service as we want to see your funds get the best mileage possible!
If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to email. We’re happy to help!

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