Spring Sampler

A sampling of online comic book creation classes and camps for ages 9+ !

1-Day Camp Descriptions
Early Bird Registration (on or before March 15)
$55 per day or $100 for both days
Registration after March 15:
$60 per day of $110 for both days

Online Camp Schedule
10:00am-Noon: Class Instruction
Noon-1:00pm: Lunch Break
1:00pm-3:00pm: Work on your assignments on your own & each student gets a 15min one-on-one private instruction and feedback session with instructors.
3:00-4:00pm: Class Discussion and Wrap Up

Participants will need blank paper or a sketch pad, pencil, eraser, and 1 each of fine and ultra-fine Sharpies (or equivalent). A ruler and colouring implements are nice to have, but not necessary.
Classes held over Zoom.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Picking Our Shots
How do we decide what images go inside each panel we draw in comics? How do we choose what ‘shot’ our artistic camera will take to make sure things look interesting, but also tell our story clearly? This class will  focus on different types of images we draw within the panel and how they frame the narrative for our audience

Thursday, April 1, 2021
Creating Believable Characters
A class that focuses on creating the cast of characters that fill our stories and how we make sure they are strong, enduring characters that feel real.

1-Hour Class Descriptions
Cost: $20 per class

Please note: If these class times do not suit you, feel free to get a group together, or book a private online session, on the date of your choosing here.

Participants will need blank paper or a sketch pad, pencil, and eraser. Fine and ultra-fine Sharpies (or equivalent), a ruler, and colouring implements are nice to have, but not necessary.
Classes held over Zoom.

Friday, March 12 @ 10am(MST)
Comic Book Basics I: Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words 
How do you tell a story, visually? This is the question we will explore with students to better understand how sequential art works; its strengths and the unique storytelling opportunities it offers. A perfect introduction course for literature classes learning about comics and for art classes exploring visual narratives.

Tuesday, April 6 @ 10am(MDT)
Character Design 
How do we create interesting and iconic characters? We will explore with students the basics of character design and how this can help us in our art and visual design. Using shapes, silhouettes, and key features we will help students open up their creative side and be confident in drawing new and interesting characters.

Wednesday, April 21 @ 10am(MDT)
Crafting a Story 
What makes a story? This class teaches students a simple but highly effective formula for creating compelling stories. Students will break down the formula together as a class to see how this formula is used in our favorite stories to hook the reader.

Friday, May 14 10am(MDT)
Setting the Scene
Our stories exist in worlds real and make believe. It’s up to us as writers and artists to make them feel lived in. In this class students will learn all about creating believable worlds, scenes and backgrounds for our stories. With exercises that will help both writers and artists alike

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